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Cross Killer

Eileen has always suspected that her husband is capable of murder - ever since that unfortunate incident when the pushchair mysteriously fell into the swimming pool with the child still strapped inside and Malcolm simply pulled out a chair and sat down to watch.

Malcolm on the other hand, is utterly convinced that his wife wants him dead - ever since he awoke one morning to find Eileen straddled on top of him with a pillow pressed down firmly against his face.

Encouraged by the unlikely friendship that he has forged with his new friend Rita, Malcolm knows what he must do...


“Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind?” ... Billy Jackson can’t forget. As everyone joined hands and formed a circle to sing “Auld Lang Syne,” his father lay in a crumpled heap at the base of the stairs, bits of his brain spattered on the wall behind him.

Billy spent twenty years behind bars for the murder, a crime he didn’t commit. Now the “Laughing Boy” is free, ready to right the wrongs, make the guilty pay, and get his revenge on the real killer.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas… the Entertainment Capital of the World. If you enjoyed Catherine Ryan Howard’s The Nothing Man, and the works of J.D. Barker, you’re going to love this. Buckle up, sit back, and enjoy the ride!


Cross Killer is a quirky read with splashes of dark humour. From her base in Stoke Fleming, Lucy has come up with a plot revolving around a rather macabre and dysfunctional set of people, several of whom have murder in mind. Eileen and Malcolm Muldoon are desperate to kill each other but meanwhile there is a real killer out there. Lots of twists and yes, you do need to know what happens. A clever debut novel."

Unlike typical thrillers, Cross Killer is slightly different as the author intertwines humour into the narrative in a really clever, unconventional way. The author kept me guessing throughout the plot, as readers are eager to find out if Eileen's husband Malcolm is involved in a series of chilling, cold-blooded murders."

Sian Orrell

October, 2016

Cross Killer blends humourand suspense nicely. A great beach book and great character development. This is a mysterious comedy of errors. You enjoy all the characters, you say to yourself... 'he did what'... 'no way.' Then you giggle. You find yourself at times even chuckling at the serial killer. Honestly, who does that??? Looking forward to more from this author."

Rhenette Bjorkman

LE Willetts

L. E. Willetts runs a B&B on the coast in South Devon. She has several published articles, including a weekly column in her local newspaper. She also undertakes various freelance writing jobs to include content writing for individual and company websites and blogs.


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